Hello Fred,

In case if you did not notice, your bug
"ScrolledText in an XmNotebook issues scrollbar warnings"
has been fixed in the latest OpenMotif cvs

I have compiled the latest version from CVS and the bug you
described no longer occurred.
Unfortunately, I still have some issues with the new OM 2.3
features which don't work 100% yet,
antialiased fonts (wrong text field default lengths), and
very slow program startup with XFT fonts. It looks like font
name to actual font is calculated for each widget, not noticeable
for a program which uses 10 widgets, but if you have 4500 widgets
like I do, it becomes quite slow.
Probably more bugs will pop up if I really start using UTF-8.

On the positive side, insensitive buttons are now gray,
so they are also readable on thin fonts.
And labelType PIXMAP_AND_STRING allows you to put an icon
on a button with text. Icons can come from a 32 bit RGBA PNG,
so proper transparency against widget background is now possible.
It is like the difference between GIF transparency (single
transparent color) and PNG transparency (full alpha channel)
in web design.

Best regards,

DuĊĦan Peterc