We are running a CA that has thousands of revoked certificates,
which leads to CRLs of several MBytes.

On the next nenewal of the CA, we are thinking of partitioning the
CRLs at each X number of issued certificates. The issued certificates
will have different CRL Distribution Points (CDP) according to the
partitions they are assigned.

For example, for X=100, from certificate 1 to certificate 100, the
CDP would be http://myca.com/crl/myca-0001.crl, from certificate 101
to 200 the CDP would be http://myca.com/crl/myca-0002.crl, and so on.

My question: Is mod_ssl/openssl prepared to support partitioned
CRLs like the way described? In particular, if CRLs are cached,
mod_ssl must be able to merge several different partitions according
to the CDP to create a unified view over the revocation universe of a


Nuno Ponte
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