Hi all,

i have a problem with an apache 2.2.9, maybe this is not the correct
mailing list but i am going to ask, my apologizes if this isn't the
properly place.

I had an instance of apache 2.2.9 with and IP serving contents with the
port 80 and 443, we bought a godaddy certificate and all went pretty
well, but we needed to install another certificate for other domain in
the same machine. I had several domains and all works with vhosts with
http, but when i first tried to use several vhosts for secure
connections the apache seemed to restart well but stop working.

With an only certificate, apache use to ask me the certificate password,
but when i configure a second one, never asked and stop serving content,
even in http. Then i tried to configure the system with 2 IPs, one for
every certificate, but i got the same problem.

The configuration files seems to be well formed (apachectl -t) and i saw
some examples out of there:

am i doing something wrong? this is the correct mailing list to ask?

thanks, and best regards.

Jorge Martin Cuervo

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