Sounds like your trying to use the thawte apache cert to sign your client certs? The thawte cert won't have the right attributes to sign a client certand then try to use it.

You could use your CA for client certs and Thawte for the server cert.


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From: Jan Stian Gabrielli
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 7:54:37 PM
Subject: Can i use CA signed cert to create client authentication certificates ?

I am trying to set up apache with mod_ssl , and I have it working with a
Self Signed CA.
But i can not get it to work with a cert created by

Does anyone know if it is possible to do this with a crt signedby a "third"
party where one does not have access to their root ca key ?..


I have generated a : apache_server.key made a apache_server..csr and sent
this for signing by
Recived a apache_server.crt

Created a client.key and a client.csr
Signed it with my apache_server.key and apache_server.crt

Converted the client.key,crt to a pkcs12file and imported this into my
browser but i can not make things work.

SSL works fine on the server on pages that does not require SSL client auth.

A I stated earlier, IT works when I create and self sign a CA,but I cant
make it work when I use a 3rd party CA and only have apache_server.key,
apache_server.crt , thawte root cert.

Best regards

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