Hi, experts:

>> Here are the environment configuration:
>> Web server: Apache/2.0.46 (Unix) mod_jk/1.2.4
>> Server: -HP-UX
>> Tomcat: 4.0

I have a apache already installed (by other team, which doesnt know if there´s the module mod_ssl). The final purpose is to secure my current http to https. Already have all cerficates, with the directives in the conf files, and still the https url doesnt work yet.
I searched over all logs I could find, and didnt found any string "mod_ssl". So I guess I need to do something to enable, install it.

Saw in a link that I need to download the source in modssl.org, and other installation procedures as well. But the in my case is that I already have Apache installed, and need only to add/enable/install the mod_ssl module. Ok, now another question to be pointed out:
"Make sure any module for your Apache server is compiled with the
compiler-flag -DEAPI, or your Webserver might crash or can not be
Almost all modules I know adds the -DEAPI flag by themself except mod_jserv
and mod_jk"

But my apache installed is mod_jk (my configuration >> Apache/2.0.46 (Unix) mod_jk/1.2.4). Should I supppose from this that in my case I dont have the DEAPI??? Not sure on what to do now. How will I check if it has DEAPI?

I keep doing searches over the net, but in case any of you has some hint and speed up a little bit on my side, it´ll be helpful.

Im kind of disorientated with all this thing of https. This´s the 1st time i get into it. So, ask for your detailed support.

Thank you!

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