My apache installed is has only the in the "libexec/" directory.
I want to know what I need to do in order to to configure my current http to https? I know this is a very general question, but to start, I guess I need to include the directives in httpd.conf:

LoadModule ssl_module libexec/

AddModule mod_ssl.c

Already have all certificates configured in the paths. But still unsure on if simply adding those 2 directives will be enough, and will put the file ( there in the path, or if I have to get this file from somewhere (if so, how?)

Here are the environment configuration:
Web server: Apache/2.0.46 (Unix) mod_jk/1.2.4
Server: -HP-UX lath09 B.11.11 U 9000/800 690359356 unlimited-user license
Tomcat: 4.0

Ask for your kind and prompt support.

Thank you.
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