I have downloaded the sources of latest apache 2.2.8 that includes mod_ssl =
as well. My concern is about the two vulnerabilities (http://www.securityf=
ocus.com/bid/10736/info, http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/4189/info). I do=
not have any information whether or not these two vulnerabilities still ex=
ist or have been fixed in the mod_ssl provided with apache sources 2.2.8.

After googling I could find out that these are solved in mod_ssl 2.8.19. W=
hen I go to modssl.org to download the latest version there is no download =
for mod_ssl latest for apache 2.x versions?

Both of these look very old and looks like they might have been fixed. But=
I did not find it anywhere written.
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