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>> Subject: Re: Apache with Mod ssl on a system running apache on freebsd
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>>> Trying to upgrade a freebsd 6.1 that is running "Apache/1.3.39 (Unix)
>>> PHP/5.2.4 with Suhosin-Patch" to include mod_ssl.
>>> It makes, with no problems but when I install it, it requiers Apache to be
>>> deinstalled, the big problem is that Apache has a few required packages
>>> that can not be removed with out a lot of problems.

>> You should be able to do a full "make" without deinstalling the old
>> Apache. If make words, then it should only take a minute to do a "make
>> deinstall reinstall." Of course, this doesn't account for time tweaking
>> the conf files and debugging. This is why you really need a development
>> machine that is essentially a mirror of the critical app server so you
>> can do test runs and such. Or a 2nd (or 3rd) app server for redundancy
>> if this server is so important. In any case, you *will* at some point
>> have to down your web server to do the upgrade. That is unavoidable.

> Aaron you did not read it..
> The problem I have is it will not do a deinstall as there is other
> packages that are using it, so a deinstall and reinstall does not work.

Of course I read your post. Why when there are misunderstandings do
people always assume it's the listener's fault and not their own?

Are you saying you are not *able* to remove the old Apache or not
*willing* to? If you are not *willing* to, then I cannot help without
more information on why. If you are saying you're not *able* to, I
think you're mistaken, or there is more information that you haven't
shared yet.

"make deinstall" will remove a port regardless of any dependencies. I
assume you're talking about replacing the old apache with the exact same
version, just with mod_ssl compiled in. In that case you still do what
I mentioned earlier:
1) build the port w/ mod_ssl
2) make deinstall reinstall
3) pkgdb -Ff (to tell the port system that prior dependencies should
now point to the mod_ssl'd apache)

I'm happy to help if you want, I just need more information to be effective.

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