This problem may have been addressed before, but I am trying to get IE 6+ browsers to with my SSL website. I am currently running the following versions:

Apache 1.3.39
mod_ssl 2.8.29
mod_perl 1.30
ApacheJServ 1.1.2 (Yes, I know old)
OpenSSL 0.9.8b

The problem is that IE gives me a page cannot be displayed error when I try to access the site. This is not a problem in Firefox. I have watched the ssl_engine_log and can see the IE client make the connection and complete the SSL handshake. However, after that nothing appears in the https access log. I know for a fact that IE is not making it past the handshake. To make sure this wasn't and Apache issue, I ran the site on port 80 and it works fine. I have added the SetEnv line from the Howto section, but does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions?

Robert Adams

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