In my main httpd.conf file, I have numerous include files which include
virtual hosts like so:

Include /usr/local/apache/conf/conf.d/devl00.conf
Include /usr/local/apache/conf/conf.d/devl01.conf
Include /usr/local/apache/conf/conf.d/devl02.conf

So if I access then I see the virtual host
in devl02.conf, etc. In the devl02.conf file, I have enabled SSL. I CAN
access the secure site However, when I now
access the non-secure site of, the main server
web site is displayed, and not the virtual host. What I'm trying to do
is a

RedirectPermanent /

But when I do this I get errors that I posted previously about cookies not
being enabled. So I guess the questions is, having the "Include" statements
above, and knowing that each include file like devl08.conf is a virtual host
container with SSL enabled, how do I redirect from the port 80 version to
the SSL enabled port 443 version like: ------>

FYI, I've tried including .conf files, and also pasting the contents of my
..conf files into an email, but they evidently are rejected by the
mailing list.

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