I'll bet you're right when you say your provider may not be
forwarding https requests properly. I'd run this one past
them and see what they have to say about it.

Rob Archer wrote:
> When accessing it by ip address using the debug option of openssl it
> returns what you would expect (i.e. the text of the key certificate).
> When accessing by domain name it says :-
> Loading 'screen' into random state - done
> Connect: bad file descriptor
> Connect:errno=10060
> I assume this is the equivalent of the "Internet Explorer cannot display
> the webpage" error in IE !!!
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> Rob Archer wrote:
>> No entry for https and domain name in the access.log and a "Internet
>> Explorer cannot display the webpage" in ie when trying to get to the
>> server.

> Do you have access to the openssl command line program?
> It would tell you whether you are making a connection, and possibly shed
> some light on the problem. Like this:
> openssl s_client -connect www.mydomain.com:443 -debug
> GET /

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