Saikat Saha wrote:
> We have apache 2.2.4 compiled with all modules but commented out all
> load modules. Do not have anything in httpd.conf file to state that this
> is https. But when I start apache, it tries to goto https and prompts
> for pass phrase. How does apache determine that this is https whereas
> this is actually a http server.

Perhaps mod_ssl is a compiled-in module. Run 'httpd -l' to check this.

> After I enter a passphrase, it shows
> successful but the server never starts up. Can someone please help?

The reason probably can be found in Apache's error_log file.

> Also can apache support both http and https at different ports at the
> same time?

Yes. The defaults are port 80 for http and port 443 for https.

Omar W. Hannet
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