I've learned that I can fix this problem by not using an external style
This only affects IE6 on XP without SP2. Everyone else seems to be able
to view my pages fine, and even these problematic IE6/XP customers can view
pages with external style sheets that are not using HTTPS.

Specifically, if I delete this line from my HTML:


then these problematic browsers can view the page fine.

I've also changed the HTML to include the exact contents of the style sheet
inline, and this works
fine. It is only when the style sheet is external that the browser can't
display the contents.
If I leave the external style sheet in place, I can see in the logs the
browser requesting
the page and then the style sheet. Both are returned with no errors, but
the browser
just sits there with a blank page, and never really finishes. It seems like
it is
waiting for something to complete, but it never finishes.

I'm guessing this was some bug in early versions of IE6, but does anyone
know what the
specific problem is, and how I can fix it by configuring Apache differently?


>>>> Hello,
>>>> Several customers are not able to access my server via HTTPS. Their
>>>> browser
>>>> just sits there, and doesn't display anything. I've determined the
>>>> common
>>>> properties of these cases to be:
>>>> Windows XP (all of them without SP2)
>>>> Internet Explorer 6
>>>> I can see their requests show up fine in my log files, without errors.
>>>> These customers can visit other HTTPS sites. My site works fine for
>>>> the
>>>> vast majority of people. I'm stumped on the next step to try and debug
>>>> the problem. Any suggestions?
>>>> My server configuration:
>>>> Apache 2.0.54 with mod_ssl and mod_deflate, running on Windows XP
>>>> For an example URL, try: https://www.beileysoftware.com/handy.html
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Mark
>>>> http://www.beiley.com

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