2. Yes i know, that i can have more than one certificate in a PEM-file.
That is used for the SSLCACertificateFile Option. But this didnt solve
the problem.
There is no difference between having more than 250 single certificate
files or one
file with 250 certificates.
In the SSL-Handshake the Server sends to the Client, which CAs he accepts.
This Massage seems to be malformed when there are too many CAs.
Any Ideas...?

Fought, Richard schrieb:
>1. I believe the server reads the CA cert into memory at startup for a
>couple of reasons: to prevent unnecessary disk access, and probably as a
>security measure as well. If your cert is password protected, you might
>want an admin to type it in and startup is the perfect time to do it.
>2. Maybe it is a # of files limitation? If I'm not mistaken, you can
>have more than one certificate in a PEM file. Maybe try to combine
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