i have got 2 problems with my Apache using mod_ssl and authentification
with client-certificates.

1. When the Apache is running and i copy a new pem-encoded
CA-Certificate in the specified directory (SSLCACertifcatePath) and
create the symbolic hash-link, no client is able to connect with the
website with his Client-Certificate issued by the copied CA until i
restart the Server. Is this a Bug? Or is there any way to actualise the
CA-Certificates without a restart?

2. The Number of CA-Certificates seems to be limited at ~250. When i use
too many CA-Certificates in the Directory (SSLCACertifcatePath) the
SSL-Message from the Server to the Client is malformed and no Client can
connect. Is this also a Bug?

Dont ask me, why i need more than 250 CA-Certificates. Its for a

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