On Fri, 27 Apr 2007, javier rojas wrote:

> 2007/4/27, Phil Ehrens :
>> Are you calling apachectl using the full path to the apachectl
>> that knows where THOSE conf files are?

> /usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl restart
> to see if apachectl was reading the correct httpd.conf and it didn't
> start the server....

I don't know if this will help... I have an installation on linux (2.4.18)
wherein apache is installed in /usr/local/apachessl2/, and if I issue the
'apachectl restart' command it will *not* start SSL.

Instead, I must execute 'apachectl startssl'.

You can see if you have this situation: just examine the apachessl script
(using less, vi, or your favorite editor) and search for 'startssl'. In
my script, it looks like it just boils down to a '-DSSL' being passed to
the invocation of httpd.

You may also want to invoke the httpd executable by-hand to see if it
issues anything on STDERR, and also check the error logfile that you have
specified in your .conf file. If Apache is getting that far, it will
almost certainly give you some good feedback.

Finally (or perhaps first), you may want to invoke 'apachectl -t' to have
it check your config file for syntax errors. It will not only tell you if
you've mistyped something, but in some cases it'll tell you that you've
left something out or specified conflicting configuration options.

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