im having some trouble when starting ssl on my apache2 server, first i
must say that i did not install apache, so i really dont know if ssl
was enabled, but i guess so since in the httpd.conf i have

Include conf/ssl.conf

well, the second thing is that i have configured everything in my
ssl.conf file (i think it is ok) but when i restart apache it doesnt
even "read" the ssl.conf file, i renamed the ssl.conf file to
ssl.conf.1 and apache restarted successfully, so i think it just
doesnt look for it when restarting.

i did comment the

in ssl.conf, in order to be able to start apache always with ssl support

im pretty sure my ssl.conf and my httpd.conf files are correctly since
i have another server with the same configurations and its working
properly, but when i

netstat -nl | grep 443

theres nothing listening and on the /usr/local/apache/logs/ directory theres no
ssl_request_log/ ssl_scache.dir ssl_scache.pag
log files, can anyone help me?

Ciao, Javier
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