Judging from the error message "No space left on device" sounds like
some file system is full... maybe /tmp. The next time this happens open
a shell window and type:

df -k

Check the output to see if one of your file systems is full. Look at
/tmp and /swap specifically

Ryan Forrester wrote:
> When attempting to start apache in SSL mode:
> $ /home/servers/apache_1.3.37/bin/apachectl startssl
> $ semget: No space left on device
> Rebooting the machine allows me to start apache once more.. but after a few
> days, apache wil fail and the same error occurs again, and the only way to
> resolve is to reboot.
> - Apache will start in mornal mode without a reboot.
> error_log doesnt contain any useful information to help troubleshoot the
> problem.

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