I'm trying to build apache 1.3.37 with ssl support on a Ubuntu 6.1
running on a AMD Turion 64.
I've downloaded the following packages:
Apache 1.3.37 sources (apache_1.3.37.tar.gz from httpd.apache.org)
Mod SSL 2.8.28 (mod_ssl-2.8.28-1.3.37.tar.gz from www.modssl.org)
Open SSL 0.9.8e (openssl-0.9.8e.tar.gz from www.openssl.org)
I've built openssl as described into the INSTALL file provided with
mod_ssl distribution, using gcc-4.0:
../config no-idea -fPIC no-threads --prefix=/path/to/local/openssl
make test
make install
Then I've patched Apache by using (into the mod_ssl directory):
../Configure --with-apache=/path/to/local/apache

then I've switched to the apache tree and configured it as follows:

MM_BASE=/path/to/mm/ \
SSL_BASE=/path/to/local/openssl \
../configure \
--prefix=/path/to/local/apache \
--enable-module=most \
--enable-shared=max \
--disable-module=auth_dbm \
--disable-module=cern_meta \
--disable-module=log_agent \
--disable-module=log_referer \

I received the ld error while linking libssl.so saying that libcrypto.a
(module x86_64cpuid.o) cannot be relocated, compile with -fPIC (but is
what I've done).
I've also tried using gcc-3.3 as well as using -fpic instead of -fPIC
while building openssl.
I've tried to use the DSO version of libcrypto/libssl and compilation
coes well but when starting apache it stops due to unresolved symbols
I found nothing appropriate on the Internet, because all solutions are
"rebuild openssl with -fPIC (but is what I'm doing).

Can someone help me?
Thanks in Advance

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