> Hi Louise,

Hi Patrick =)

> Include conf.d/*.conf

> So this includes *.conf files listed in the conf.d directory (in
> mine, this is on the same directory level as the "conf" directory
> below /etc/httpd). My ssl.conf file is in this second directory and
> has as one of its commands:

This was just it =)

I backed up the original and called it _ssl.conf

From now on will I learn learn how to use SVN, and check /etc in as
the first thing, so I don't try something similar another time =)

> I do not know if this will apply to your situation but it sounds like
> it might be something to check. It took me a couple of hours of digging
> around in the filesystem to find that one. I'm a noobie or I guess I
> would have found it quicker. :-)

I think I spend about 4-5 hours on the debugging and tracing without
solving this problem, so I am very glad for Michael's and yours reply
=) I would very have solved it without.

With love,
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