Apache 2 SSL question which is probably related to mod_ssl:

The Apache 2.2.3 SSL implementation has a pool in the ssl_expr_node
struct (in ssl_expr.h) whereas the latest mod_ssl implementation does
not. I know mod_ssl is only for Apache 3.1.* but the pool in Apache
2.2.3 doesn't seem to be used anyway!

Is this just a forgotten pool from older versions of mod_ssl or does
it have a purpose?

An extra pointer in the struct is not really a problem as such but I
want to make copy (in my own allocated memory, which is not tied to an
apache pool) and then execute it later using ssl_expr_exec(....) If a
copy of the contents of the pool is also necessary, well then it could
be a problem.

Many thanks to anyone who knows

Some more details below:


typedef struct {
ssl_expr_node_op node_op;
void *node_arg1;
void *node_arg2;
apr_pool_t *p;
} ssl_expr_node;

typedef ssl_expr_node ssl_expr;
The pool in ssl_expr_node doesn't seem to be used? Either when the
struct is created(ssl_expr.c):
ssl_expr *ssl_expr_comp(apr_pool_t *p, char *expr)

or when it is evaluated:
int ssl_expr_exec(request_rec *r, ssl_expr *expr)

Many thanks in advance
Christiaan Lamprecht
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