On Friday 13 October 2006 08:21, BB wrote:
> > Are you able to post the certificate here? It sounds like the issue may
> > be the
> > key usage, or an entry in some other field - I've seen results like this
> > if
> > you don't have key agreement set, or some of the other fields mangled, or
> > particular security settings enabled in your certificate.

> Hi,
> Please find attached the CA cert and the server cert.
> I can successfully import the CA cert into IE, under Trusted Root
> Certification Authorities.
> If I download the server cert and open it from Windows (XP), it's
> description says:
> "This certification authority does not appear to be allowed to issue
> certificates or cannot be used as an end-entity certificate."

And that would most likely be your problem - the CA Certificate should have
the following extensions:

Basic Constraints: CA:TRUE
Key Usage: DigitalSignature, CertificateSign, CrlSign

If you re-gen your CA Certificate with those usages, and then re-sign your
Server certificate (which itself, should have the Key Usage extension set to
digital Signature and key Encipherment), your issue should go away

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