I'm using Apache 2.0.59 with OpenSSL 0.9.8c and PHP 5.1.6.
I have dual insecure/secure website running on the machine.
I'm using 'SSLVerifyClient require' in my httpd configuration, so I'm
not using .htaccess files to change anything...
Sidenote: using .htaccess is giving me SSL POST problems

I request a secure php page using WXPSP2/IE6SP2
When there is no certificate installed, and I click Ok on the select
certificate window, apache SHOULD throw me a
'403.7 Forbidden: Client certificate required'
Instead it asks me for the certificate a second time after which I get
IE's cannot find server page.

Can anyone explain why this happens, or how I should configure apache
to throw me the error?
Any idea's on how to catch this within php would be usefull too...

Thanks and cheers,