Sorry, forgot to mention. Yes, all are XP, different configurations, one
is company standard, but the others are just plain XP with updates, no
special builds, no special software.

> Which OS have you tried? Were they all XP? Windows 2000? ME? 98? 95?
> Is there any chance that the computers that you tried have a special
> build or some software installed that might be causing a problem? I've
> seen similar problems be caused by a particular company's standard
> desktop build.
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> Subject: Re: Encripted page would not load into IE
> I made the tests with IE from at least 4 different computers, located i=

> networks from 3 different ISP's.
> Yes, the connection is done, because ith shows up instantly with
> tail -f /var/log/apache/ssl_engine_log
>>> I am running Apache 1.3.37 and openssl 0.9.8b from Slackware-current
>>> packages. I set up a https virtual host that listens on the default
>>> address.
>>> My problem is that the encrypted pages don't load in IE 6. They are
>>> working just fine in Firefox.


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