I made the tests with IE from at least 4 different computers, located in
networks from 3 different ISP's.

Yes, the connection is done, because ith shows up instantly with
tail -f /var/log/apache/ssl_engine_log

>> I am running Apache 1.3.37 and openssl 0.9.8b from Slackware-current
>> packages. I set up a https virtual host that listens on the default
>> address.
>> My problem is that the encrypted pages don't load in IE 6. They are
>> working just fine in Firefox.

> I've never seen anything like this. Apologies if I'm insulting your
> intelligence but have you checked you don't have some strange proxy
> settings in IE that could be causing this? Have you tried doing a netst=

> on the server (or client) to prove that you are in fact making a TCP
> connection? If you're not, it's not an Apache or mod_ssl issue.

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