I set out to accomplish what I thought was a simple task 3 hours ago,
but now I'm stumped. Is there a way to have a conditional block in
httpd.conf which would achieve a simple thing like this:

if current connection is a https connection
some directives


The obvious answer is, of course, put these directives in your ssl
virtualhost, so let me explain further...

I have a site which is available both via http and https. There are two
virtual hosts defined for this site, one with

And one with

Additionally, there are a number of name-based virtual host served on
the same IPAddress on port 80.

The two aforementioned VirtualHost sections in my config file contain
a fair amount of Alias and Redirect directives which are almost, but not
entirely, identical. For example, there are several of Redirect
directives that redirect to http://www.mysite.com/somewhere for the http
vhost and to https://www.mysite.com/somewhere for the https vhost.

I was thinking of putting this large block of directives into separate
file and Include it in both vhost sections, to tidy up my main config
file. But in order to do that, I would need to define some logic in this
file for those cases where http and https need to be handled separately.
I was certain that such possibility exists, but I'm starting to have
some doubts now. Any advice?

Using Apache 2.0.53.

Toomas Aas
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