I have a very simple cgi script that when I run in HTTPS it doesn't
work. When I run it without SSL with HTTP it works fine.

I'm running Apache with modssl and have setup server side and client
side certificates. When I run it I get an HTTP 404 error: "Page not
found". In the error_log I receive:
"script not found or unable to stat: /var/www/cgi-binperlTest.pl"
What is odd with that error is perlTest.pl is the program found within
cgi-bin, I'm not sure why the '/' is ommitted. But I'm chalking that
up to an apache bug when displaying this error.

I've tried a few different settings in httpd.conf and ssl.conf but not
really sure or confident what the correct settings are. Any example
snippets of those files would be appreciated.

Sadly I had a nice AJAX app that was working well with HTTP but not
HTTPS. I found out there is a bug with the XMLHTTPREQUEST method with
client certificates. So this is kind of my last ditch effort before I
have to consider dropping client certificate validation.

Thanks in advance.