Make sure you have these statements in your httpd.conf:
LoadModule ssl_module modules/

Include conf/ssl.conf

As for your ssl.conf, there are couple things that could be tripping you
up, you can try posted a scrubbed version if you'd like, but the first
thing you need to ensure is "SSLEngine on"...also, I have # SSL> commented out if that is what you were referring too? When your
service starts, what does the browser return when you access https? Can
you see that socket actually open e.g. netstat?

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>Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 6:16 PM
>Subject: Question regarding IfDefine tags
>Hello all,
>I am hoping someone can clarify this for me:
>I am using OpenSSL with Apache2 on windows server. I do not
>believe that my ssl.conf file is being read when I start the
>apache service although it is included by http.conf.
>I found a snipet online indicating you either need to start
>apache with -D SSL, or comment out the IfDefine tags in the
>ssl.conf. When I do either of these and restart the apache
>service, the service will not start.
>If I do neither of these things, the service starts but I
>cannot access pages via https. So my question is two-fold:
>1. Why will the service not start when the IfDefine tags are
>commented out. Is it because apache is now trying to parse the
>contents of ssl.conf but running into something it doesn't
>understand? If so, wouldn't this show in error.log?
>2. Is there a more appropriate forum or mailing list to take
>my troubles to?
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