I have a working install that I use for redhat enterprise linux 3:

(from my .spec file)

cd mod_ssl-2.8.28-1.3.37
../configure \
--with-perl=/usr/bin/perl \
--with-apache=../apache_%{apversion} \

cd apache_%{apversion}

SSL_BASE="/usr/" \
../configure \
--with-perl=/usr/bin/perl \
--enable-shared=max \
--enable-suexec \
--suexec-caller=nobody \
--suexec-docroot="/home" \
--suexec-userdir="www" \
--enable-module=ssl \

This works fine on RHEL3, but when I try to use the same config on
redhat enterprise 4 I get the following behavior.

All SSL hits return a blank page.

ssl_engine_log shows:

[31/Aug/2006 17:26:07 12662] [info] Connection to child 28
established (server myserver.com:443, client
[31/Aug/2006 17:26:07 12662] [info] Seeding PRNG with 1160 bytes of entropy

access_log shows nothing.

selinux is not on.

I can't seem to find what is wrong.

ssl is :


mod_ssl is mod_ssl-2.8.28-1.3.37.tar.gz
apache is apache_1.3.37.tar.gz

I'm stumped. Any ideas?
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