I am trying to set-up a test site for a client which only allows clients to
connect that have the certificate installed.

I have got a 30 day temporary certificate from instantssl.com

I have installed the cert on the server as normal which allows the site to
use https (SSL) for all clients.

I then add the SSLVerifyClient require to the config file and restart

I then have exported the crt file with openssl to a PK12 cert and imported
into IE on windows.

When I go to the site IE opens a popup asking me to choose the digital
certificate, but it has an empty list.

Any help on how I need to create the relevant certificate for the client
would be appreciated.

I have read some info about creating self signed certs and they say to
create a client cert signed by your CA.crt file. I do not understand where
my CA.crt file is or how to create such a cert.

The server set-up is:
Debian Linux
Apache 1.3


Peter King
Web Sitedesign.net Ltd