> Hi:
> My question relates to the possibility of selectively enabling digital
> encryption vs. digital signing when using the mod_ssl with Apache 2.0.
> The motivation for the tradeoff is due to performance.
> So ideally, we might want to enable a client to login using a secure
> form over https that would be encrypted.
> However, once logged in, the subsequent client requests [for document=

> could be served up using digital signing. Encryption may not be strictl=

> required.
> I was wondering if it would be possible to install mod_ssl, Apache2.0=

, a
> thwate/Verisign server certificate and be able to serve the login form
> over https/encryption and the subsequent documents over digital
> signatures.
> If this is possible, could you pl. point me, or tell me what I'd need=

> do in terms of the configuration file?

mod_ssl implement Secure SOCKET Layer, you want HTTP with digital
signature, which is something quite different. Look into web services,
they probably have something like what you're after.

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