I am using Apache 1.3.34, mod_ssl 2.8.25 and openssl 0.9.8a. I managed
to install succesfully on my staging and production environment Solaris
8 running on a Sun Fire v100. It's a pretty straightforward install
using mod_ssl for ssl and client authentication using certificates.

However, I now need to complete an install on my development
environment which is windows xp. Is it possible to setup client
authentication using certificates with an apache instance on windows
xp? It looks like this requires symlinks to work correctly and NTFS
doesn't support this. Is that correct? What options do I have?

Note that I have to use SSLCACertificatePath instead of
SSLCACertificateFile as there as the client certificates are issued by
a number of unrelated CAs.

I am open to upgrading to Apache 2.0 or 2.2 if that simplifies this.

See http://www.modssl.org/docs/2.8/ssl_reference.html#ToC13 for
information on the SSLCACertificatePath Directive for mod_ssl 2.8.25