I have just upgraded to Apache2.0 (with mod_perl on Win32) from Apache
1.3. Now, if I am correct the SSLLog and SSLLogLevel directives are no
longer supported in the new version of Apache2.x with mod_ssl. The
ErrorLog and LogLevel directives are to be used in place of the older

My problem is this: If I use the ErrorLog and LogLevel Directives for
SSL, the SSL logs are generated within the webserver log (error_log
file). Since I am developing the application, I have set the LogLevel
directive of the error_log to "debug". This results in a lengthy log
file (since the same level applies for the SSL log too) and I have to
go through the SSL logs while I see the webserver logs. Is there any
way I can disable the SSL log generation? Or maybe I could have a
separate SSL log altogether?

Please Help!