We use mod_proxy and mod_ssl in a reverse proxy configuration; traffic
is accepted by the proxy through SSL, and then proxied backwards to
another server over SSL. Unfortunately, for application reasons, we
*must* proxy backwards via SSL, even through the proxy and the
back-end web server are located on the same rack (!)

My question is: are there any ways we can tune our configuration to
reduce SSL handshake overhead when connecting to the back-end web
server? Perhaps constraining the available ciphers to weaker ones
through SSLProxyCipherSuite? (I'm not sure if the SSLProxy*
directives affect the front-end and/or back-end of mod_proxy...) Note
that we don't have alot of control over the back-end web server
config, so I'm looking for software/config suggestions we can implement on
the proxy side.

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