We are developing a java-based webapp, a kind of CMS. The problem is,
that relatively big group of it's users will have rights to create
pages, upload files etc., also upload javascript pages. In this case an
attacker will be able to steal somebody's session (e.g. creating JS page
which will read JSESSIONID cookie and forward it to it's author).

We thought, that one of possible solutions will be binding user's
session to SSL_SESSION_ID (i.e. keeping SSL_SESSION_ID in user's session
and comparing it at every request with ID read from this request).

The problem is, that SSL_SESSION_ID is changing regardles of
SSLSessionCacheTimeout (we've set it to very high value). I suppose that
it's not caused by server (mod_ssl after writing SESSION_ID to cache is
able to get it back everytime, 100% hit rate).

Is there any reason for which the ssl sessions are renegotiated
(sometimes even three times during one minute)? Is it possible to block
such a renegotiations at server/application side, or it is very



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