Hi Geoff,

> Alas I can't give you any off-the-top hints about UI_METHOD because I
> haven't used it myself, so I've CC'd Richard who is the guy who did
> UI_METHOD. Richard, if there's anything obvious in the above snippet
> please feel free to comment. However I'd suggest taking this over to the
> openssl-dev mail list Kent - then Richard and/or others can follow up
> more meaningfully (and the subsequent discussion might be useful for
> ongoing development).

I haven't had time to go back and play with it much, but last time I
tried, this
program didn't compile:

int main(void)
UI_STRING *ui =3D malloc(sizeof(UI_STRING));
return 0;

I was going on the assumption that I'd need to stuff the secret
pulled in from the modssl callback into a UI_STRING object though,
perhaps this is wrong... Downloading 0.9.8a now...


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