Hi Kent,

On October 6, 2005 05:01 pm, Kent Yoder wrote:
> Yep, passphrase entry is at least part of the problem with calling
> ENGINE_load_private_key. After a few different attempts, I'm a bit
> stumped. The load key call wants a UI* passed to it, which eventually
> has UI_process() called on it by the engine. I've tried various ways
> of stuffing the modssl_read_bio_cb_fn pointer and the server rec into
> this structure, with a custom flush function which'd get called by
> UI_process. I haven't been able to test this approach yet, since it
> appears that openssl's UI_STRING and UI_METHOD structs aren't declared
> in a way that works in ui.h. For instance, any mention of
> sizeof(UI_STRING) brings an incomplete type error. Any help would be
> appreciated, I may not be using the ui interface correctly.

Alas I can't give you any off-the-top hints about UI_METHOD because I=20
haven't used it myself, so I've CC'd Richard who is the guy who did=20
UI_METHOD. Richard, if there's anything obvious in the above snippet=20
please feel free to comment. However I'd suggest taking this over to the=20
openssl-dev mail list Kent - then Richard and/or others can follow up=20
more meaningfully (and the subsequent discussion might be useful for=20
ongoing development).


Geoff Thorpe

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