Hi Kent,

On September 29, 2005 12:28 pm, Kent Yoder wrote:
> I've been looking into enabling apache+mod_ssl to use hardware keys
> encrypted by a TPM. I have openssl's s_server test working using an
> openssl TPM engine [1] and trousers [2]. It looks like the key to
> getting this working in apache is support for engine format keys in
> mod_ssl. Is there any interest in enabling engine format keys in
> mod_ssl, or, is there another path to accomplish what I'm trying to
> do?

Sorry I didn't notice this earlier. I added some hooks to modssl ages ago=20
to support engine ctrl-commands if that helps. In fact you may have to=20
jiggle with this patch if you want to update it to the latest mod_ssl=20
version, but it may be easier than redoing it from scratch;


If you get it running with a more recent version and feel like giving me a=
newer diff, I'd appreciate being able to replace the one on my site. I=20
don't think Ralf wants to include this functionality now that mod_ssl is=20
just in maintenance-mode and (kinda) deprecated in favour of apache2.


Geoff Thorpe

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