--- b h wrote:

> Hi
> I finished doing my development and configuration of
> my server, and was just beginning to enable SSL on
> the
> server to protect certain pages which contain
> passwords.
> I have apache2 installed as a service on W32,
> I have server cert in ./conf/server.crt/ and
> associated private key (encrypted) in
> ./conf/server.key/ I figured whenever starting the
> service I'd type in the password.
> just to make it easy (I will figure out how to start
> the server properly as a service with SSL later), I
> uncommented the ifdef/endif in ssl.conf, made the
> appropriate ssl configurations, and tried to start
> apache.
> I received this error in my error log:
> [Tue Jun 28 21:16:43 2005] [error] Init:
> SSLPassPhraseDialog builtin is not supported on
> Win32
> (key file M:/www/conf/ssl.key/server.key)
> is this what I think it is? Is there no method of
> starting Apache2 on W32 with an encrypted private
> key?
> What are the suggestions? How can I fix this or
> what
> am I missing (does it really mean I've messed up
> something else likely)?
> thanks
> b


I've read this of course,


but I still think it's likely has to be easier than
this - is there really not a builtin prompt for w32?
even if apache is started from the command line and
not as a service? I know I can write a small minimum
line program to "exec" and ask for the passphrase from
stdin - but really, I doubt I'm the first person to
ask this for the win32 platform...


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