Jeffrey M. Johnson wrote:
> I am knew to this list and have spent many hours looking for an answer I
> am sure is probably right in front of my face.

"knew"?! from a .edu address? ::boggle:: alas, I digress.

> I have a host that has 40 some virtual hosts associated with it, but
> only one of those hosts is configured for modssl. I know need to
> configure a second (and possible more) virtualhosts for modssl.

No such thing as multiple hosts under one certificate. Use one
certificate per virtual host.

> First, I am assuming this can be done.

Bad assumption. It can't by virtue of the the design of SSL.

> Second, I canít figure out how it can be done.

See my previous answer.

> Any help would be appreciated.

Search the archives. This one rears its ugly head fairly frequently.

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