Perrin Harkins wrote:
> It's the same with mod_perl: you can restart your backend server
> without touching the frontend proxy server. It's possible that some
> FastCGI implementations have a truly seamless way to do this though,
> holding requests while the backend restarts. I haven't played with it
> enough to know.
> - Perrin

I'd really love to see a best practices kind of document, or at least a
more detailed document that described getting the light front / heavy
backend stuff working. The mp1 guide has a pretty extensive section on
the various options, but it hasn't been updated to reflect apache2/mp2.
It also doesn't address any of the little hoops that need to be jumped
through to get all the ancillary, but important, bits working. Things
like getting backend server authentication info logged on the front end
server, getting the front end remote_ip to the backend server, how to
manage configs between the front and back end. I'm sure there's other
stuff that I'm missing. It'd actually be nice just to see a list of
'things you might not have thought about' that go along with that
configuration model.

I suppose that arguably this is beyond the scope of mod_perl, but if
we're constantly going to trot out the idea that you should be running
in this kind of configuration, we should probably do everything we can
to make deploying that configuration as painless as possible.