Chen, Peter wrote:
> Apache isn't starting up correctly? I already have the apache server
> running. Will this affect the configuration? When I type the command "ps
> -eaf | grep apache", it seems to indicate that apache is running.

Please CC the list on your replies, it has much more wisdom than I do.

I'm trying to understand what you're asking for help with. Your subject
is about a build test failing, but then you included a wall of error_log
output, which doesn't really seem to be related, but does seem to
indicate that you've got mod_perl 2.0.4 installed and running.

mod_perl 2 has frequently had it's tests start failing when new versions
of httpd have come out and changed things around a bit, those tests have
frequently resided in the auth subsystem, but generally have been
problems with the test, not with mod_perl or apache. I have no idea if
that is the case in this particular situation though, i personally
haven't built 2.0.4 against 2.2.10 on any platform, never mind solaris.
Personally, i think that when this occurs, a new version of mod_perl
should be pushed out that corrects the problem (even if it doesn't
correct anything else), but I'm not on the dev team

So I guess my question is, what's your question?