On Mon 10 Nov 2008, André Warnier wrote:
> Ok guys, I'm nowhere as good a programmer as many people on this
> list, but a) I do have patience with beginners, b) I'm convinced and
> c) maybe I can do something in terms of documentation, if only to fix
> missing links. And d) I'd love to see my name somewhere as a
> contributor, even at the very end and in small font.
> So, where do I start ?

c) See http://perl.apache.org/contribute/index.html. Lately there have
been a few complains about missing, incomplete or misleading docs on
the list. You could start to submit patches. A simple one could be
this: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/modperl/dev/98380. Find out
why it was that way in the first place then patch it.


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