On Mon 10 Nov 2008, Steven Siebert wrote:
> Let me know how to get involved

How well is your C? There is a segfault waiting to be hunted down. It's
one of the nicer. It happens each time the test suite runs with worker
MPM. If interested I can give you further information.

The threading branch at
http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/perl...ches/threading needs a
few ifdefs to work with perls without threading support. That branch is
also a good starting point for the segfault above.

Try out the threading branch with the Windows MPM. I don't have Windows
(and don't care much). So there may be a lot to do.

Further on the line I have a few ideas how to make modperl consume less
memory when running under a threaded MPM.

I think we really need better threading support to survive. We can of
course repeat the mantra "use prefork" ever again. But many apache
developers tend to use a threaded MPM as default. Some days ago Paul
Querna even asked how valuable copy-on-write is and if it can be
dropped in favor of better Windows compatibility. The day will come
when prefork is not the default MPM even on Unix-like systems.

Of course there is always a need for advocacy, writing papers,
presentations, case studies, cool solutions etc.


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