Steven Siebert wrote:
> I'm relatively new to mod_perl - moving to a new job who's application
> is solely written in it. This is a return to Perl for me, having
> worked in PHP, Java, and .NET since Perl 4. As I'm learning to love
> mod_perl and Perl in general, perhaps it's a good time for me to
> contribute back by writing perl/mod_perl blogs and tutorials to help
> others easing in from other languages (written with a set of
> assumptions). I've seen the "to-do" list, if you will, on the
> mod_perl Advocacy page
> ( but not
> sure how dated this is or what is the best to tackle.

That page probably dates back to late 2004, which is when mod_perl 2
actually hit the streets, and the last time the advocacy mailing list
saw any sort of usage. The mp-advocacy archives can been seen here:, and is, as you
noticed, pretty much dead. I'm not in any way the boss of this sort of
stuff, but i'd say if you want to bring anything up, you should
probably bring it up here. If, by some miracle advocacy talk (and even
better work), starts getting too chattery on this list, then it could be

I think people blogging about mod_perl would be great, but personally, I
think that the best place for tutorials is ultimately on

> Let me know how to get involved - it is my job security after all =).
> Seriously, though, the flexibility of mod_perl is just not available
> in many of the other languages and I think it's "don't know what you
> don't know" sort of much work is done in the application
> code when it could be solved with a few lines using mod_perl at the
> httpd abstract layer. I have a blog site but if
> desires host tutorials and blogs, so much the better (better
> discoverability).
> has some pointers about different
ways you can help, but this page too probably hasn't been updated in
years. I think you're absolutely right about the "don't know what you
don't know thing". If more people we're blogging about problems they'd
defeated with mod_perl it couldn't hurt the situation, at least IMO. I
believe that most, if not all, of is built out of the
/modperl-docs/ SVN repository.