The results of the mod_perl survey that Fred Moyer and I conducted can
be found at the following link:

Here's a quick list of obvious (though arguable) conclusions:

- a lot of people have switched to mod_perl 2, mod_perl 1 is still very
- most of the people using mod_perl have been using it for a long time.
- the rate of new people coming into the community has been declining.
- linux is by far the most popular platform. the BSD's, Solaris and
Windows also make a significant showing.
- Fred and I didn't really break down frameworks very well, but mason,
Catalyst and CGI::Application are quite popular. TT is also very
popular, but not exactly a framework, but not quite as popular is old
fashioned Handlers.
- A surprising number of people are running mod_perl under the worker MPM.
- Most of the Handler phases are getting some use.
- There are a lot of people using CGI Emulation, which is not a surprise.
- not very many people are using the mod_perl2 filter api.
- there is quite a bit of interest in a mod_perl Workshop, but location
would be a key factor for a lot of people
- the documentation could use some work. Specifically more tutorial /
intro kind of stuff.