On Sun 02 Nov 2008, Puneet Lakhina wrote:
> > Input headers are found in $r->headers_in and are set even before
> > PerlPostReadRequest. So, have a close look at your code. If that
> > doesn't help try to create a test case as simple as you can and
> > post it to the list.

> Not as per this:
> http://perl.apache.org/docs/2.0/api/...html#C_headers

Then the documentation is wrong. (Perhaps is was that way with mp1?) Try
this one:

PerlPostReadRequestHandler "sub { \
my ($r)=@_; \
warn qq{Got Cookie: }.$r->headers_in->{Cookie}; \
return Apache2::Const:ECLINED; \

and then

curl -b hugo=otto http://localhost/

You'll see something like the line below in your error_log:

Got Cookie: hugo=otto at (eval 91) line 1.


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