Michael Peters wrote:
> But when I make the request to just /foo (instead of /foo/index.pl) I
> only get this in my error log:
> URI: /foo/ STATUS: 200

you've said to /foo, but your error_log is saying /foo/. What's going
on there? mod_dir redirecting a bare directory request?

> The stranger part is that the access log still reports it correctly as
> an error:
> GET /foo/ HTTP/1.1" 500
> And the error still appears in the error log, it's just that
> $r->status (and $r->notes('error-notes') don't contain the right
> information).
> So what's going on here. Shouldn't the 2 requests (/foo and
> /foo/index.pl) be treated exactly the same?

Is this happening with just a mod_perl enabled server, and no proxies or
anything? I don't really know how directory index works, but i'm pretty
sure that what it issues internal redirects (or lookup_uri's) for all
the filenames you've got in your DirectoryIndex config. Is that
behavoir what you're expecting (if not, might it be involved in this odd
behavoir?). Does the client see the 200, or the 500?