Michael Peters wrote:
> Adam Prime wrote:
>> Is it theoretically possible to actually generate something like that?
> > Any ideas?

> I'm definitely ignorant enought about Apache's internals to be able to
> answer that question. And the following doesn't really answer your
> question, but this is how we handle having a dynamic config while
> still being able to see what it looks like. We use a template. We have
> a wrapper script around Apache that queries the database and config
> files and then starts Apache pointing to the generated conf file. This
> gives us the benefit of a data driven config but we still get a real
> config file out of it that we can inspect.

I suggested this when I started here, but we were already too committed
to PerlSections at that point. I don't think that that's likely to
change but it is an option to be considered though if we have to
refactor. If we were starting this now, I would definitely favor doing
it that way.