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Torsten Foertsch wrote:
> On Fri 17 Oct 2008, André Warnier wrote:
>> In a PerlFixupHandler, I want to use $r->filename to reset the target
>> of a PUT request, so as to "trick" the following Apache PUT content
>> handler into writing the PUT-ted file somewhere else than what the
>> original URL said.

> Yes you are allowed to do that. One thing you may have to consider is
> the $r->finfo object (sort of stat() result). It is created in the core
> maptostorage handler. So, if $r->filename is changed afterwards it is
> out of sync. Don't know if your response handler uses it, probably not.

I don't use $r->finfo.
But mod_dav is the content handler, and it may use the underlying Apache
information. Any way I can kind of "force" Apache to update it's
information after I call $r->filename, or does it already do that anyway ?